Rocky Mountain Village - Fernie BC

Jan 12, 2018

Community Manager

Community Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of our residential care, independent living, assisted living, and home care operations at the site. To coordinate the actions ofall departments and ensure they function as one, community managers must hold a wide set of skills and knowledge.Our managers need sharp business skills to handle long-term planning, development of operatingobjectives and budgets, and creation of an overall system for efficient delivery of housing andcare services. These professionals also review financial reports, care contracts and major expenditures.They often establish and administer policies, and ensure they are uniformly understood.Health care industry knowledge is essential for community managers to successfully managepatient care and to serve as liaison between medical staff, department heads and corporate officers.A community manager’s interpersonal skills come into use when supervising and mentoring staff,relating to the community and interfacing with other mangers. They also oversee all Human Resources activities at the site.

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